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Hands-On Pictures The New Nokia Lumia 525

Back to November 27, 2013, Nokia officially announced The new Nokia Lumia 525 with the tagline is more style, more fun to join their Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 portfolio.

The new Nokia Lumia 525 is successor of Nokia Lumia 520. Almost all the specifications are same compared with Nokia Lumia 520, but Nokia Lumia 525 comes with 1 Gigabyte of RAM. It means that you can run more applications and games that are need minimum 1 GB of RAM.

Nokia Lumia 525 is available in 3 different colors, Glossy white, yellow, red and Matte black.

Our friend have some hands-on pictures of Nokia Lumia 525, she took some pictures at Nokia Store in Singapore, please see all the hands-on pictures to compare with Nokia Lumia 520.

The new Nokia Lumia 525 is now available in Singapore. The official price is SGD 249 or similar to US$ 198. Nokia Lumia 525 will be available in Indonesia on Q1 2014 (expected). For more information about the full specification, please click here.

Thank Uciica for the pictures.