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Official "Team Viewer" App for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Bumps to Version 9.0.1

Official "Team Viewer" for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8, a popular Remote control application for your Windows, Mac and Linux computers bumps to version 9.0.1 and now is available on Windows Phone Store for Free.

"Team Viewer" version 9.0.1 brings wake-on-LAN feature, add two factor authentication to secure your remote session and support portrait mode during remote session.

What's New
  • Wake-on-LAN to switch on your computer remotely
  • Two factor authentication to improve access security to your account
  • The connection history allows you to quickly connect to TeamViewer IDs you have already been connected to
  • Support of portrait mode during a remote session

  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8