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Nokia Lumia 1020 Goes To Raja Ampat with Tamasya Hati & Nokia Indonesia

In the last two months, the Nokia Lumia 1020 already passed from Directorate Post and Telecommunication in Indonesia. And based on the Nokia Indonesia's website, the Nokia Lumia 1020 status is now coming soon.

We still don't have any information about the exact release date, but the road to Lumia 1020 was begin. But, one project for Nokia Lumia 1020 Campaign will be start in the next 3 weeks from today. Folks from Tamasya Hati, together with Nokia Indonesia and simPATI are now surveying Raja Ampat with the Nokia Lumia 1020. They are preparing an event to Raja Ampat to 

About TamasyaHati
Tamasya Hati is an organization that its main objective is not only to explore the beauty of Indonesia but we also want to share the happiness with the local people on each destination that we visited and share it to the world through photo & video. It's a place where creativity meets sharing. Explore Enjoy & Share.

Based from Tamasya Hati's twitter account, they are now exploring the Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, for their next travel event with Nokia Indonesia and simPATI.

 Check out some of their photos while surveying the Raja Ampat Islands (courtesy of

Follow @tamasyahati , @NokiaIndonesia and simPATI, exploring the Raja Ampat Islands' beauty with Nokia Lumia 1020 and get a chance to Join Raja Ampat Trip with Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Indonesia, TamasyaHati and simPATI Telkomsel.