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"Nokia Copter" Project Brings Nokia Lumia 1020 to The Sky (Video)

So many ways to prove the capability of the giant 41 Megapixels lens on Nokia Lumia 1020 with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Nokia Rich Recording Technology.

After "Parachute" video by Nokia UAE, and now Nokia Poland publish some videos to show the power of Nokia Lumia 1020. Nokia Poland brings Nokia Lumia 1020 to the Sky with remote Helicopter to show you the video recording quality.

So please enjoy all the photos and videos by Nokia Poland below,

 Remote Copter

Nokia Lumia 1020 on Remote Copter

So what do you think about the quality of the videos? Leave your comments below, for Nokia Lumia 1020 specification, click here.

Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available in Indonesia before the end of 2013.

Thank to: Symbiantweet , Nokia for Header Image