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"PadiAir" - Your Mobile Flight Reservation App for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone in Indonesia

If you're want to travelling across Indonesia with airplane and need an airplane ticket, you can use "PadiAir" from your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7.x and 8.

"PadiAir" is Online mobile flight reservation application from Padicon Teknologi Informasi - the same developer that develope "PadiTrain" Application. For today, "PadiAir" only serve 2 Airlines from Indonesia, they are: Sriwijaya Air and Citilink. Another airlines will be available later.

  • All flights are available from Sriwijaya Air & Citilink (more airlines are available soon)
  • Real Time Flight Schedule & Price
  • Online mobile reservation wherever you are
  • Online reservation & payment
  • 24 Hours Online payment without confirmation

How To Use
  1. Login with your PadiTrain Account, Create new if not yet register
  2. Select your destination, date, total pax
  3. Choose your desire flight
  4. Check your detail flight
  5. Fill Pax/Passenger information
  6. Book your flight
  7. You will receive Transaction code and email confirmation
  8. Pay your ticket at ATM / E-Banking
  9. Finish
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.x and 8