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Official "Twitter" for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Gets Bumped to Version 3.0

Official Twitter client application for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7.x and 8 get an update version to version 3.0.0 and now is available for free at Windows Phone Store.

Twitter version 3.0 brings several new features, especially for dark theme lovers, now you can switch to dark theme on this version. You can also pin your favorite twitter account and get a notification when the account update status. 13 New languages also added to Twitter version 3.0.

What's New
  • Select your favorite Twitter accounts and receive notifications when they Tweet 
  • Customize your Twitter backdrop with either a dark or light theme
  • Pin keyword searches to your home screen for quick access to Tweets on a topic
  • Easily surface great content with improvements to Search and Discover 
  • Set your language preference in settings and get tweets translated in your timeline. Now with support for 13 additional languages!
  • New Twitter lockscreen experience highlights interesting tweets on your home screen

  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.x and 8