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Lumia Amber Update for Nokia Lumia 720 - Indonesia is Now Available

Last but not least, better late than nothing,

Nokia Lumia 720 Indonesia finally get Nokia Lumia Amber update start from today. The Update will be downloadable via Over The Air Update (OTA Update) with Wi-Fi connectivity directly from your Nokia Lumia 720.

Nokia Lumia 720 will have almost all Lumia Amber update feature except Tap to Unlock" feature.

Before updating your Nokia Lumia 720, please also read some posts about What's new on Nokia Lumia Amber Update, "How to Update" and some tips and tricks below:
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Other information:
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  2. Check for Update Availability -  Indonesia

From today, All Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 - Country Variant: Indonesia are capable to have Nokia Lumia Amber Update.