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Lumia Amber Update for Nokia Lumia 520 - Indonesia is Now Available

Good news on Friday Morning !!

Finally, Nokia Lumia 520 Indonesia get Nokia Lumia Amber update start from this morning. The Update will be downloadable via Over The Air Update (OTA Update) with Wi-Fi connectivity directly from your Nokia Lumia 520.

Almost all the Lumia Amber features will be available for Nokia Lumia 520 except "Tap to Unlock" feature.

Before updating your Nokia Lumia 520, it would be great if you read some posts about What's new on Nokia Lumia Amber Update, "How to Update" and some tips and tricks below:
  1. What's New on Nokia Lumia Amber Update
  2. How to Update your Nokia Lumia

Other information:
For Nokia Lumia 720, The Lumia Amber Update is on the way. The roll out process will finish this end of September.

  1. There are some reports that after this morning update, the version is still same 10xx.xxxx.xxxx on Nokia Lumia 520 Indonesia.
  2. Please check the update again later if you still have same version ( after first update this morning. Lumia Amber update version is 3046.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx and Status on Nokia Page is already Avaiable.
  3. For now, we don't have any information regarding this morning update (Glitch/problem update from Nokia or this is a pre-update before Lumia Amber Update for Nokia Lumia 520)
  4. We'll keep you posted, Cheerss !!