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"Zombies Can't Jump" Game is Now Attacking Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

"Zombies Can't Jump", a fun & addictive game by Okijin Games is now available for your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8.

Prepare your self with some weapons and constructions kits to defeat all zombies that will attack your defenses. You can build a stack of boxes for defense and use some weapons like TNT devices, spiked balls, gun turrets, crates and collect  some powerful weapons.

  • 20 story mode levels.
  • 2 re-playable survival challenges.
  • 6 weapons to unlock.
  • 9 abilities and construction items to unlock.
  • 2 loveable toons.
  • 6 even more adorable zombies!

  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8
  • US$ 1.99 or IDR 17.190