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Nokia Indonesia Soft Launching Nokia Mix Radio and Expand Nokia Music with Up To 18 Million Songs

Today, August 27th 2013. Nokia Indonesia soft launching Nokia Mix Radio for Nokia Lumia and expand their Nokia Music & Nokia Music Store for Nokia Asha & Nokia Lumia with Up To 18 Millions local & international songs.

From now, All Nokia Lumia will have Nokia Mix Radio features on their Nokia Music application that will brings online/offline streaming and other Nokia Mix Radio features with up to 18 millions local & international song.

Nokia Indonesia also expand their music collection on Nokia Music and Nokia Music Store with up to 18 million local and international songs. With this, you can buy & download your favorite songs directly from your Nokia devices (Nokia Asha, Nokia with Belle OS, Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7.8 & 8).

Nokia Mix Radio

Nokia Music Offline

The availability of Nokia Mix Radio & extended Nokia Music is start tonight. Please be patient until the rolling out is done.

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