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#ZOOMwithNokianesia at "ZOOM Reinvented" Event - NYC July 11th 2013

nokianesia will fly to New York city tomorrow afternoon from Jakarta, Indonesia via Dubai to join the "ZOOM Reinvented" event in New York City, July 11th 2013 together with a man from Forsel Magazine Indonesia.

The "ZOOM Reinvented" event will be started at 11 AM (New York Time) or 10 PM GMT+7 (WIB). Will be covering some live tweet, hands-on, etc.

We and most of press & blogger from all over the world will arrive in New York on July 10th 2013. And here is the rundown:
  • 10h00
    • Transport from hotel to launch venue
  • 10h00 – 11h00
    • Doors open, registration and morning coffee
  • 11h00 
    • Event begins
  • 14h30 – 14h55 
    • Interview Vesa Jutila, Head of Product Marketing Execution, Smart Device
  • 16h00 
    • Event closes, return transport to hotel
  • 18h00 
    • Evening activity, New York City Ride, departs

We also have schedule for an interview session with Vesa Jutila, Head of Product Marketing Execution,Smart Device. If you have any questions to Vesa Jutila, please leave your questions below on comment section.

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