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The 2nd World Best Cameraphone Shoot The Launch Video of The 1st World Best Cameraphone

We know that Nokia 808 Pureview will be down to second place after the launch of Nokia Lumia 1020 2 weeks ago in New York, but how about the performance when capturing video & sound that supported by Nokia Rich Recording Technology?

We still not yet comparing Nokia 808 with Nokia Lumia 1020, but we just want so share the power of Nokia 808 PureView when shooting a video.

We recorded 2 videos from Zoom Reinvented event last 2 weeks in New York City that recorded by Nokia 808 PureView, please enjoy it !! and dont forget to use your earphone / headset  for best sound experience.

Opening Video: #ZoomReinvented Photography by Nokia

Launch Video of Nokia Lumia 1020

Feel free write down your comments about the quality of the videos & sound below, Thank You !!