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Tips & Trick: How To Set Up Push Email for "Google Mail" on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

If you want to setup your google email account with "Push Email" or "as per item arrive" on your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone, you can setup with a few simple step on advanced setting email account on your Nokia Lumia.

You can follow this few steps below on this post.

  1. Go to "Setting" on your Nokia Lumia
  2. Go to "email+accounts"
  3. Tap "add an account"
  4. Tap "advanced setup"
  5. Fill your full google email address. example:
  6. Fill your google email password
  7. Tap "Next"
  8. Tap "Exchange ActiveSync"
  9. Fill username with your email address. example:
  10. Fill domain with:
  11. Fill server with:
  12. Check on "Servers requires encrypted (SSL) connection"
  13. Fill your "account name", default is: gmail
  14. Select "Download new content": as item arrive
  15. Select "Download email from": 7 days
  16. Select "Content to sync"
  17. And then Tap "Sign in"
  18. Enjoy your Google mail on your Nokia Lumia