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#Breaking : Indosat @Indosat is Now Support for Mobile/Operator Billing for Windows Phone Store

After Telkomsel, now is the turn for Indosat - one of the largest mobile telecommunication provider in Indonesia for supporting Mobile/Operator billing for buying application from Windows Phone Store.

There is still no official statement from Indosat regarding this feature, but we already tried to buy an application from Windows Phone Store and the result is success without any error.

For all owners of Nokia Lumia and Indosat customer, you can try to buy some applications from Windows Phone Store just only pay with your balance. You can follow this requirements, step and tips below.

  1. Make sure your Windows Phone Store region is set to: Indonesia
    • Change Region for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8
      1. Go to Setting
      2. Tap language+region
      3. Change Country/Region to: Indonesia
      4. Restart
    • Change Region for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7.x
      1. Create new Windows Account with Indonesia as Country/Region OR
      2. Change Country/region from Xbox Web: 
  2. Make sure your Indosat data connection is ON
  3. Use your Indosat Internet data connection, Do not Use Wi-Fi to accelerate synchronization process
  4. Make sure you have sufficient balance on your Indosat account (IM3/Mentari)
How To
  1. Choose an application that you want to buy
  2. Tap buy
  3. If Indosat logo appear on payment, continue to Step 5.
  4. If Indosat logo still not appear on payment method, try to add payment and tap Indosat logo. Restart your Nokia Lumia. If still not appear wait for next +-48 hours or follow our tips below.
  5. Tap Buy, and wait for the purchasing process
  6. If Success, your application is ready to be installed on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

  1. If Indosat Account still not appear, Try to change region to other region e.g. Singapore. Then restart your Phone. After that, change your region again to Indonesia and restart again.
  2. Please Use Indosat Internet Data for synchronization and purchasing process, after payment process complete, you can use Wi-Fi to continue download your Application.
  3. Please be patient for synchronization process.
Additional Information
  • Already tested by Nokianesia
  • Tested on Nokia Lumia 920 with IM3 Pre-Paid card from Indosat
  • No information for Indosat Post Paid

Please contact @Indosat or @NokiaIndonesia or @nokianesia for any questions and helps.