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"Itsdagram" Beta - Unofficial Instagram Client with Upload Feature for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

"Itsdagram"  is unofficial Instagram client for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8, currently still on beta release version at Windows Phone Store.

If you tired waiting official Instagram for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, you can buy & use this application to upload picture to Instagram, Like photo, comment and many more. But remember, this application still on beta version, bugs may appear on daily use.

  • Login to your Instagram Account
  • Upload photo to Instagram
  • Comment your friends/your recently added photo
  • Like your friends/your recently added photo
  • Search your friend in Instagram from Facebook account / Local Phonebook
  • Follow/unfollow your friends
  • Share to Twitter and Facebook
  • View your friends/your Instagram profile
  • View popular photos on Instagram
  • Search  tags & users
  • No filter
  • No log out button
  • No notification
  • Can't view your friend photos on their profile page

  • Itsdagram V
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8
  • IDR 12.870 or US$ 1.49