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Make a Conference Call with "Nokia Conference Beta" App for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Nokia Beta Labs team release "Nokia Conference Beta" application for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7.x and 8.

"Nokia Conference Beta" will make you easier to make frequent conference calls. If your company use Microsoft Lync for conference call. This application will launch Microsoft Lync to connect you to a conference call.

" Nokia Conference makes it very easy to dial into conference calls.  No more switching to the calendar app, remembering the ID/PIN codes, getting the right access number, switching to the phone app, making the call, and entering all the codes.  Instead just hit one button or even join via voice command.  It's very handy for anyone that makes frequent conference calls, as so many of us do.
To join via voice, hold down the Windows key and speak the command "conference join".  We'll automatically figure out which meeting is going on currently or about to start, say it back to you for confirmation, and connect you.  If your company uses Lync, we'll launch the Lync app to connect you. "


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  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.x and 8