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"Keto Fantasy" - a Fun & Addictive Adventure Game for Nokia Asha & S40

Chocoarts, Game Studio from Jakarta, Indonesia on March 30, 2013 just released the successor of "Keto Adventure" game for Nokia Asha and Nokia S40 Devices.

To continue success of "Keto Adventure" game with more than IDR 40 Millions profit, "Keto Fantasy", The successor of "Keto Adventure" game is now available on Nokia Store.

" This time, Keto was riding a hippo-machine (that can talk) and bring him to a floating sky-castle, a place of dream. Unfortunately, Z-Legion has ruled the sky since the beginning of time. So it wont be a smooth journey... 
Help Keto to achieve glorious journey to the castle. Feel the exotic atmosphere and beat your approaching foes! "

In "Keto Fantasy" adventure game, we act as "KETO" a cat that riding a hippo-machine. With hippo-machine, we will fly to sky to reach the castle and collect some points. But there are some obstacles & enemies from Legion Z that you should fight to reach the castle.

  • Nokia Asha & Nokia S40 Devices
  • Free Trial for limited time (In-App Purchasing)