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"Camera" and "Gallery" Apps Update for Nokia 808 PureView and Other Nokia Belle FP2 OS

Nokia just pushed 2 applications update for Nokia 808 PureView and other Nokia Belle FP2 OS, there are an update and enhancement for Camera and Gallery.

The update brings improvement for  Gallery and benefit from multiple image sharing feature said All About Symbian.

New Features
  • Multi-select photos and share them to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.
  • Multi-select photos and email them en-masse to specific recipients.
  • Long press a photo from the main gallery thumbnail view, to send, share or delete it.
  • In the Camera application, access the general Preferences from the info pane in any shooting mode (e.g. Auto or Scenes).
  • See at a glance, again in Camera, but in 'Creative' mode, a summary of the main changes made for each of the creative presets, along with a (more) handily placed 'reset' button.

  • The update may available later for your device, depends on your Operator and Region.