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Disney "Where's My Water" Game is Now Available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

Popular game from Disney "Where's My Water" is now available for your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8.

There are 3 Stories with more than 400 total puzzles available on this version. And you can get free update to the next version.

" Where’s My Water? is a challenging physics-based puzzler complete with vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and a sensational soundtrack. To be successful, you need to be clever and keep an eye out for algae, toxic ooze, triggers, and traps. "
  • Where's My Water v 1.0.2
  • Update 24 January 2013:  Where's My Water v 1.0.4
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8
    • Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 810, 620, etc
  • US$ 0.99