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Windows Phone 7.8 Will be Rolled Out in "Coming Weeks" ?

If already RTM, We expect that the Windows Phone 7.8 will be rolled out in the next few weeks (depending on your carrier).

Later this week, we also heard a news from China that Windows Phone 7.8 will be rolled out in the "coming weeks. Vice President of Microsoft Corporation for Greater China said to Beijing Newspaper that "Windows Phone 7.8 update will be launched in Chinese market the coming weeks and that the two major editions would co-exist in China simultaneously."

And today we can watch Windows Phone 7.8 running on Nokia Lumia 510, the most affordable Windows Phone to date. Here is the video on YouTube

Windows Phone 7.8 Features on Nokia Lumia 510
  • New Boot Screen – Reflects Microsoft’s new Windows Phone logo
  • New Start screen – The earlier confirmed 3-sizes for Tiles
  • New Core apps re-design – Xbox Games, Office and Store all get updated with new logos
  • 20 Accent colors 
  • Live Lock screen Wallpaper
  • Nokia Network+ settings

So, from 2 credible sources, we assume that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be rolled out between December 2012 until January 2013 depending on your carrier & region.

Stay tuned for more update, we'll keep you posted for this information.