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"Potret Hantu" Game - Capture Ghost on Your Nokia Lumia

"Potret Hantu" is a simple and mini game for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

"Potret Hantu" is Capture/Shoot ghost in English. In this game you can use some camera like Nikon D3000, 3100 and many more to capture the ghosts. Collect your points & stars to upgrade your camera model to have better camera performance.

This game have 5 Places, each places have 5 levels with different challenge and different Hantu (ghosts). You can upgrade your camera if you have minimum stars to buy it.

How To Play
  1. Tap screen to shoot ghost that match with target
  2. Shoot object in the middle of lens to get "Perfect" shoot.
  3. Collect the score and stars from each level.
  4. Don't forget to upgrade your camera for better result.
  • Potret Hantu v 1.0
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7,5-Refresh (Nokia Lumia 900,800,610,710)
  • Free