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Indonesia !! Be The First To Try Nokia Lumia 920

Good news for all Indonesian, Nokia Indonesia now open registration of an event to trial The Brand New Nokia Lumia 920.

If you are Indonesian, live in Indonesia and you are interesting to trial this Nokia Lumia 920, you can join this trial event but you must register first and fill your personal data correctly.

Only The selected participants will join this event. During the event, the selected participants will be lent Nokia Lumia 920 for certain hours to try all the best features of Nokia Lumia 920. The selected participants needed to tweet about Nokia Lumia 920 best features with hashtags #switchtolumia, take pictures and videos with Nokia Lumia 920.

The Nokia Lumia 920 show up is also available during Microsoft Windows 8 Event at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta. 26-28 October 2012.

Terms & Conditions
  • Participant is not NOKIA's employee, business partners or family-related to both
  • Participant is Indonesia citizen and live in Indonesia
  • Participant is not required to own or buy Nokia phone to join this trial event
  • Participant is not required to pay any amount of money  to join the trial event
  • Participants need to register here and fill in their personal data correctly to be eligible in the trial event
  • Participants are not allowed to do any cheating or spamming activities, these include giving incorrect personal data, information and doing any activities that indicate fraud and deceit
  • Nokia and agencies have the rights to ban & disqualify participants who are indicated doing fraud activities and break the terms & conditions
  • All data of participants belongs to Nokia and participants are agree to be contacted, involved in, and receive promotion materials from Nokia in the future

Remember, 2 Lucky Participants will win the prestigious Nokia Lumia 920



  1. When will the registration be closed? And when will it be announced? When is the event? Thanks!

  2. Could you inform us when the device will be launched in Indonesia...? We are waiting desperately...

    1. Happy to see some Indonesian that is also waiting for this device, though price is quite a big problem in Indonesia.


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