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"Draw Something" - Popular Social Drawing Game is Now Exclusively Available for Nokia Lumia

Nokia just released another exclusive application only for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

Now, a popular social drawing and guessing game, "Draw Something" is exclusively available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. Let's draw something with your friend on Nokia Lumia Windows phone or on Android and iOS user.

  • Play with Friends on Android and iPhone/iPad! 
  • Challenge friends on Facebook or Twitter, or be automatically partnered with new gaming buddies.
  • Turn-based Gameplay 
    • Perfect for gamers-on-the-go! Take turns drawing and guessing at your own pace.
  • Leaderboard 
    • Rally back and forth with friends for the most “Turns.”
  • Color Packs 
    • Turn simple doodles into rich masterpieces with color packs.
  • Bombs 
    • Stumped by a difficult word? Exchange it for a new one by exploding it with a bomb.
  • Draw Something v
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7,5 -Refresh (Nokia Lumia 900,800,710,610)
  • Free