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"AAA Weather" - Weather Application for Nokia Lumia with Unique Live Tiles

"AAA Weather" is a Weather Information application for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

This application offer a unique & different live tile compared by another weather information applications. "AAA Weather" provide 2 connected live tiles (left and right side) to show the weather and forecast information.

" Are you tired of only seeing the current weather condition on your home screen! AAA Weather shows you the weather forecast for the next hours on live tiles. The innovative double live tile technology offers you the feeling of Windows Phone 8 TODAY! and doubles the weather forecast information. "

 "AAA Weather" is available for paid and free version on Windows Phone Store. For the free version there are some features limitation, including:
  • Only 7 day forecast (instead of 14)
  • Only 1 weather update per day
  • Only 1 location update per day
  • Manual location update only
  • Ad-supported
  • 14 Days Weather Forecast
  • Double Live Tiles on Home screen
  • 2 Live Tiles design: Stripped & Tile
  • Automatic Updates within 2/4/6/24 Hours
  • AAA Weather v
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7,5 -Refresh (Nokia Lumia 900,800,710,610)
  • Paid Version : US$ 1.49
  • Free Version : US$ 0