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Menampilkan postingan dari Oktober, 2012

"[My] Windows Phone" - an Interactive Help Application for Nokia Lumia

"[My] Windows Phone" is an Interactive application for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. This application will help and guide you to use some features of Windows Phone.
This application consists a lot of help topics and also tips & trick related to your Windows Phone devices like basic functions, how to use people hub, etc.

Official "" Application for Nokia Lumia

Kompas, One of the largest & most trusted news portal in Indonesia just released a brand new "" Application for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.
In this new application, "" Application have some changes in Design and User Interface. Now, There are some tiles in the Channel page.

"AAA Weather" - Weather Application for Nokia Lumia with Unique Live Tiles

"AAA Weather" is a Weather Information application for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.
This application offer a unique & different live tile compared by another weather information applications. "AAA Weather" provide 2 connected live tiles (left and right side) to show the weather and forecast information.

"Draw Something" - Popular Social Drawing Game is Now Exclusively Available for Nokia Lumia

Nokia just released another exclusive application only for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.
Now, a popular social drawing and guessing game, "Draw Something" is exclusively available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. Let's draw something with your friend on Nokia Lumia Windows phone or on Android and iOS user.

Indonesia !! Be The First To Try Nokia Lumia 920

Good news for all Indonesian, Nokia Indonesia now open registration of an event to trial The Brand New Nokia Lumia 920.
If you are Indonesian, live in Indonesia and you are interesting to trial this Nokia Lumia 920, you can join this trial event but you must register first and fill your personal data correctly.

Introducing: The New Nokia Lumia 510 - The World's Cheapest Windows Phone

Today, Nokia held a launch event in India to launch The New Nokia Lumia 510.
The New Nokia Lumia 510 coming with 4" Screen, 5 Megapixel Camera. The price for this Nokia Lumia 510 is less than INR (India Rupee) 11.000 or les than USD 200 , It's make The New Nokia Lumia 510 as a World's cheapest Windows Phone in the world.

"AXIS Net" - A self-care app by AXIS Telekom Indonesia is Now Available For Nokia Lumia

Axis Telekom Indonesia, an Indonesian Telecommunication provider just released their Official application for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.
"Axis Net" for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone is an application that can help you to get your information about your balance, current data package status, latest promo, transfer balance, buy data package and prepaid voucher and many more.

"MeTweets" - a Simple & Fast Twitter Client for Nokia Lumia

Another twitter client application for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, "MeTweets" is now available for free at Windows Phone Store.
"MeTweets" offers a simple and easy to use interface that suitable for everyone. The first version of "MoTweets" application coming with a lot of features that can help you to get the best Twitter experience on your Nokia Lumia.

Upcoming Nokia: Nokia Asha 205 & Asha 250.1 (RM-862 & RM-863)

Another New Nokia Asha Series will coming to the market soon.
New Nokia Asha 205 & Asha 205.1 (RM-862 & RM-863) already passed and got certification from Directorate Post & Telecommunication Indonesia since September 25, 2012.

New Firmware Update is Now Available for Nokia Lumia 610

Good news for the all owners of Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone.
Start today, Nokia rolling out the new firmware version 1600.0000.8779.12340 for Nokia Lumia 610. Actually This update is not the Windows Phone 7.8 update. This update brings severals improvements and usablity.

"Nokia Music" v 16.40(2) is Now Available For Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2

Nokia just released a new version of "Nokia Music" for Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2.
This update to fix "Nokia Music" which came with Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Update several weeks ago and also this update brings new slick User Interface, more intuitive, stable and faster then the previous version.

"Nokia Transport 2.3 Beta" Exclusively for Nokia Lumia

Nokia Beta Labs team just released "Nokia Transport/Transit 2.3 Beta" for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.
This new beta version bring new and intuitive display, now with POI (Point of Interests) icon, new Transport mode and many more new features.

"Nokia Xpress" Beta - a Fast Internet Browser for Nokia Lumia

Nokia betalabs released "Nokia Xpress" beta, a fast internet browser only for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.
"Nokia Xpress" for Nokia Lumia is a cloud based Internet browser and come with compression technology to save your data, time and money. The data compression is up to 90%.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 for Nokia 808, 701, 700, 603

Good News for All the Nokia 808, 701, 701 and 603 Owners.
Today Nokia start to rolling out Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 for Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 701, Nokia 700 and Nokia 603. Currently the update is available via OTA (Over the Air) Update. 

"Potret Hantu" Game - Capture Ghost on Your Nokia Lumia

"Potret Hantu" is a simple and mini game for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.
"Potret Hantu" is Capture/Shoot ghost in English. In this game you can use some camera like Nikon D3000, 3100 and many more to capture the ghosts. Collect your points & stars to upgrade your camera model to have better camera performance.