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Video Sample 1080HD Nokia 808 Pureview

Video Sample 1080HD Nokia 808 Pureview

So, There are no doubt The new Nokia 808 Pureview can capture a pureview image with High resolution, sharp, colorful and brilliance quality in all condition such daylight, low light. How about for video recording quality? Just view The video sample below.

Nokia 808 Pureview Camera Setting Screen Shots

Nokia 808 Pureview Camera Setting Screen Shots

Nokia 808 Pureview comes with 41 Megapixels Carl Zeiss Sensor. With powerful camera hardware, powered by Nokia Belle Featured Pack 1 OS and  rich of camera settings, The Monster Camera phone has arrived.

Nokia N8 Now is The 2nd World Best Camera Phone

Nokia N8, Now The 2nd World Best Camera Phone

Right after The launching of Nokia 808 Pureview with Incredible 41 Megapixels sensor Carl Zeiss at Mobile World Congress 2012, The Nokia N8 - The World best camera phone until 27 February 2012 should goes down to second place of World best Camera phone rank.

Opera Mobile for Symbian Updated to V.12.00.2143

Opera Mobile V.12 for Symbian

Opera Mobile for Symbian devices, a Web browser application for Symbian devices updated to V. 12.00.2143.

In this latest vesion, you can manage your thumbnails bookmarks, add more thumbnail boomark on your Opera Mobile start page.

New Nokia Lumia 610 Announced at MWC 2012

New Nokia Lumia 610

Today, 27 February 2012. Nokia at Mobile Word Congress 2012 announced The New Nokia Lumia 610 by Stephen Elop.
This new Nokia Lumia 610 is mid level series of Lumia family and should be the most affordable Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7,5 (Mango) for now. There are 4 colours Available for Nokia Lumia 610, The rounded body is familiar with Nokia C7-00 isn't it?

Nokia 808 PureView with 41 Mpx Sensor Announced at MWC 2012

Nokia 808 PureView 41 Mpx Sensor

Finally, after video teaser of "capture a Pure View" by Nokia, Today Nokia introducing The New Nokia 808 Pure View. The new Nokia 808 Pure View will be / should be the next Nokia N8. Nokia Pure View comes with 41 Megapixels Sensor, Carl Zeiss Tessar lens.

Video of Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia Lumia 710

Video of Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia Lumia 710

Just 1 week ago, Nokia Lumia 800 & Lumia 710 launched in Jakarta, Indonesia. The 2 different products with different features, The Nokia lumia 800 & 710 also offers you different experiences.
So what do you prefer?

Nokia Maps Suite for Belle Updated to V 3.0

Nokia Maps Suite 3.0

Nokia Maps suite get update version on 21 February 2012. This latest version is minor update to fix some minor bugs.
"This suite combines Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive as well as the new Nokia Public Transport, and enhances them with key application shortcuts developed specifically for Symbian.

The Amazing Grand Launching Nokia Lumia Indonesia

The Amazing Grand Lainching Nokia Lumia

Start from Friday, 17 February 2012 until Sunday, 19 February 2012, located at Senayan City Shopping Mall Jakarta, Nokia Indonesia officially introduce Nokia Lumia to Indonesia. 
3 Amazing days with Amazing offers, Amazing activities, The Nokia Lumia grand launching is so Amazing.

The Amazing Offers at Nokia Lumia Indonesia Grand Launching

The Amazing Offers at Nokia Lumia Indonesia Grand Launching

The Nokia Lumia Indonesia Grand Launching event by Nokia Indonesia will be on, start from Friday 17 February until 19 February 2012.
The event will be held at Senayan City Shopping Mall, South Jakarta, Indonesia. There are so many Amazing offers and Amazing Activities activities during the event. Nokia Indonesia offers you a lot of great deals to have a Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 710.

New Nokia 610 - RM 835.

Nokia 610 - RM 835

Brand new Nokia 610 - RM 835 passed the certification process from Information & Telecommunication Ministry of Indonesia.
This Nokia 610 maybe will be intoduced to public at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. The rumour is The Nokia 610 is the Entry level for Nokia Lumia series.
Let's we wait for the specification, handset preview and more.

New Nokia 305 RM-766 ?

New Nokia 305 RM-766 ?

Another Low end / featured Nokia Phone will be introduced or released to the market?

Nokia 305 RM-766 passes the certification process from Information & Telecommunication Ministry of Indonesia.

This Nokia 305 should be Nokia featured phone and maybe the member of Nokia Asha family.

Kaaba Direction Application for Anna & Belle OS

Kaaba Direction

Kaaba Direction Application is free, small and simple application to show you direction to the Kaaba.

This application is using your built-in Global Positioning Service and also Google maps. Just run this application, detect your location and then show you the direction to the Kaaba (Qibla).

"Carbon" Twitter Client for Windows Phone

"Carbon" Twitter Client Application

Carbon is a twitter client for Windows Phone 7 / Mango.This paid application offers you twitter experience for your metro life. Simple, Unique, fast and smooth is key selling of this application.
"All of Twitter on 1 screen. No need to tap many buttons to reach to desired timelines. Apart from your all day timeline,Lists,Saved Searches, Re tweets, all accessible through a unique timeline, Quick Line."

Belle Demo Application for Anna & Belle OS

Belle Demo Application

Nokia Belle OS for existing Symbian^3 and Anna devices has been released since 07 February 2012 worldwide. The Nokia Belle OS brings a lot of features, new user interface and many more.
There are some guidance to give some information and update Nokia Belle OS. One of them is Belle Demo application for Symbian^3, Anna and Belle devices. This application shows you some information about Belle's features, whats new in Belle and some guidance to update.

Nokia Store QML V 3.22.053 for Anna & Belle

Nokia Store QML 3.22.053
Quick Update for Nokia Store QML. Today Nokia Beta labs team release the new version of Nokia Store QML for Anna and Belle OS.

This release includes some critical bug fixes found since the previous one (3.22.044).

Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 for Belle OS

Nokia Maps Suite 2.0

1 Day after the Belle Update, today Nokia Betalabs team release update for Nokia Maps Suite to V 2.0.

This version brings some new features, performance improvement, bug fixes and many more. This version only available for Nokia Belle OS.

4squick - foursquare client for Nokia V 1.2.0

4squick for Nokia Smartphones

4Squick - a foursquare client for Nokia Anna-Belle and Meego Harmattan OS updated to V 1.2.0. This version fixes some bugs and issues from the previous version.
"4squick is an Foursquare app for Nokia Touch phones. Check-in to venues, comment on check-ins, get notifications, read and add tips, upload photos, see your earned points and full leaderboard.. It's all in there, presented in a beautiful, smooth and most of all *fast* user interface."

Nokia Lumia Pre Launch Party by Nokia Indonesia

Nokia Lumia Pre Launch Party by Nokia Indonesia
Amazing Evening with Nokia Lumia

Just after the Media Launch of Nokia Lumia Strore, The Amazing Nokia Lumia Developer Day - 24hrs coding a week ago, Yesterday, 07 February 2012, Nokia Indonesia held Nokia Lumia Pre Launch Party in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Located at Bistro Boulevard, Central Jakarta, Nokia Indonesia exclusively introducing the brand new Nokia Lumia 800 & 710 to the guest.

Pre Order Nokia Lumia - Indonesia

Pre Order Nokia Lumia - Indonesia

Today, Nokia Indonesia open Pre-Order Nokia Lumia series in Indonesia. 
Start from 06 February 2012 until 16 February 2012, All the Indonesian can do the pre order and take some advantages or bonus.

Jepret In Love Photo Competition with Jepret App

Jepret In Love Photo Competition

Jepret In Love Photo Competition is a Mobile Photo competition by using "Jepret" application.
This competition is open to all Indonesian public, The prizes are 6 Nokia Asha and Nokia C2-03.

The Jurassic War Free - Game for Nokia S40

The Jurassic War Free

The Jurassic War is a game for Latest Nokia S40 made by Indonesian Developer. This is a battle game between Jurassic, you must defeat all the Jurassic to win this game.
" Who is the strongest dinosaur? T-rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, or Pterosaurus. In this game, you can choose your favorite dinosaur. And you must beat all of the dinosaurs. This game inspired by arcade game " Dino King " ."

Road to Nokia Lumia Indonesia

Road to Nokia Lumia Indonesia

Prepared to be amazed again, February 2012. Nokia Indonesia planned to launch Nokia Lumia series this February 2012. 

Whatsapp V 2.6.61 for Symbian


A well known cross-platform chat application whatsapp, updated to V 2.6.61 for Symbian OS. This update brings some performance improvement and add new Home screen widget.
"WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other!'