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Introducing: "Smash Mania" for Nokia, The 1st NFC & AR Game in the world

Smash Mania
The 1st NFC & Augmented Reality (AR) game for Nokia Meego Smart phones, Now on Nokia Store !!

About Smash Mania
Smash Mania is a mobile game that enables you to play badminton everywhere. You don't need any badminton field, racket, or even shuttle cock. 

With the accelerometer feature, your phone now has becoming a badminton racket that you can use to hit the shuttle cock and attack your opponent. 

Challenge your friend with the NFC and Bluetooth-based multiplayer feature that equipped in the game. You can also practice by playing the single player mode.

How to Play
  1. Open Smash Mania game
  2. Select Career/Tournament/Quick Match
  3. For multiplayer mode, Create/Join the Game and Tap your Nokia to other Nokia with NFC or pairing with Bluetooth.
  4. Follow the instruction and practice before playing. Just swing your phone based on instructions to "service", "smash", "backhand" and "forehand"
  5. Enjoy the game !!
Smash Mania for Nokia is available for:
  1. Nokia Meego Harmattan ( Nokia N9)
  2. Nokia Symbian Belle (Nokia 701, 700, 603)
Rp. 10.000,00

Preview & Video
(source: @Whousahdailysocial, youtube, Nokia Indonesia, etc)

Smash Mania at ID Bermain Event

Buy & Download

Smash Mania 1.0.0
Made in Indonesia