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Menampilkan postingan dari November, 2011

Nokia Maps for Symbian Belle Updated V3.08 11wk45 b05

Quick minor update for Nokia Maps for Symbian Belle Devices.
The latest version Nokia Maps for Symbian Belle is V 3.08 11wk45 b05.
The Previous version is V 3.08 11wk41 b02.

There are no new features, no new wigdets on this version. 
This update should be for performance improvements.
During download & installation, the installer only updating for Nokia Maps and Drive apps.

New Nokia 302 & Nokia X2-02 ??

After introducing Nokia Asha Family at Nokia World 2011 last october.
Today we found some data that there are 2 new Nokia low end series which has passed certification from Ditjen Postel Republic of Indonesia. There are:

Nokia Store QML Updated to V 3.18.036

Quick update for Nokia Store QML,
The latest version (06 Nov 2011) is V 3.18.036 beta from betalabs team.

Nokia Store QML client is available for the following devices: 
Nokia C6-01, C7-00, C7 Astound, E7-00, N8-00, X7-00

Change log:

Nokia Maps 3.08 Update Version on Nokia Store

Nokia Maps 3.08 Final Version now Available at Nokia Store
(Only for Symbian Belle)

Currently this app for Nokia Symbian Belle Devices (Nokia 701,700,603)
But it also works on my Nokia N8 Symbian Belle

The previous version from betalabs is V 3.08 11wk34 b01